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Wild West Fancy Dress

Costumes From The Old West

One of the greatest benefits of choosing this theme for your party is that there are so many options to choose from. No matter what your style, taste or the type of image you would like to present, there is clothing to suit your requirements.
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The Wild West was a culturally significant period in American history and the clothing that was worn during this era depicts the style and the manner in which people lived. These days, the Wild West style provides a great option to wear to your next party.

For womenís outfits, start with the cowgirl style of dress. Although not many woman walked around in cowboy chaps and waistcoats toting a couple of guns, this is definitely a look that you can pull off with swagger in today's era.  The saloon girl in this er, danced, sang and entertained men wearing mainly her underwear. Today, you can wear a stunning corset with some fish net stockings to emulate the style. Garters and stockings are also an option. 

For menís fancy dress, there are also plenty of options available.  If you fancy making a statement our various cowboy and Indian costumes will certainly do that.  If you wanted a more understated ensemble, our Buffalo Bill jacket is sure to add something special to your casual cowboy attire.

No matter what style of fancy dress you choose, remember to start looking for the perfect costume early on.

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