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We are continually adding Adult Plus Size Costumes in XL and XXL. Please have a look to see what new costumes we have available !!

Original Fancy Dress Party Ideas

If you're thinking about having a fancy dress themed party but are sick of the same old themes. Here are some slightly more original ideas for you to consider.

Animal Party
Are you and your friends party animals? Yes? Then why not dress up as wild animals! If you're not interested in looking sexy or stylish and are all about a laugh, this may be the theme for you! 
We have a great range of animals to choose from to suit your personality! Choose from a Pig, Lion, Spider and many more. Or how about dressing as one of your favourite animal TV characters ; Kermit the Frog,  Mickey mouse and even Bungle from Rainbow

Hat Party
Often people don't appreciate having to wear a full themed outfit, it can be expensive and maybe a bit embarrassing for some. How about just asking guests to bring a hat of their choice? We have a wide range of fancy dress hats from a full Indian head dress for 3.99 or a Black velvet top hat for 4.99
Guests can swap each others hats and if they get too hot or uncomfortable simply take them off without much fuss!

Heroes and  Heroines Party

For a girl or boys birthday party, why not go a little out side the box and ditch the usual superheroes and princesses themed parties for a historical heroes and heroines party. Inspire the children by having them dressing up as real life (and maybe mystical) historical heroes and heroines. For girls for example you could choose from a Girls Viking Costume, Girls Greek Goddess Costume. Or for the boys, we have a great Robin Hood costume available currently for just 7.99 complete with hat, trousers, top belt and sash and boot tops. Or we have another long time favourite in the shape of a Boys Gladiator Costume.

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