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We are continually adding Adult Plus Size Costumes in XL and XXL. Please have a look to see what new costumes we have available !!

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Do you like to go to parties and pretend to be a famous person, super-hero or other character? You are not alone. Many people, children and adults alike, enjoy this fun fantasy and the chance to be someone famous. However, no costume is complete without its matching hairpiece to complete the look!

Browse our truly amazing selection of fancy dress. We stock all your favourites from the 50's 60's 70's and 80's, Afros, Character, TV, Film Star, Clown, Halloween and many more.

We have a massive collection of headpieces that will complete your outfit and make you stand out from the rest at your party.

We have new kids dress up wigs and other items arriving every week, so if you cant find the one your looking for? call our sales team.

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Children love to pretend to be someone else. They love to dress up as their favorite storybook characters. Girls love to be princesses, brides, teen idols, or the damsel in distress. Boys love to be policemen or firemen, famous athletes, rock stars, or super-heroes looking to save that damsel in distress. Kids love to pretend to be adults, too.

Now that you are older, that desire to put on a fun costume and pretend to be someone else is still there inside you. You can dress up as your favorite childhood storybook character and relive the dreams of your youth. Maybe you never became that famous rock star you dreamed of becoming, but you can go a party dressed as one.

Let's suppose you've been invited to a masquerade or just a fun, community party. You and some friends have decided to go as Goldilocks and the Three Bears. As dress-up options usually cover your entire body, including the head, this should be easy. You may even be blonde; but how authentic would you look without the classic long, flowing, big curly, gold locks?

If you are a guy, could you really go to a party dressed as Elvis without the classic Elvis hair? Of course not!  If you're a girl, could you go to a party dressed as Cruella Deville without black and white hair?

This is where headpieces can save you all of the time and expense of trying to fix your own hair to match what you are wearing. You could easily spend more money at a stylist trying to look like your character than you would spend on the perfect hairpiece. Plus, you can use it again for another party or pass it along to a friend to keep the magic going!

There are lots of options available including many famous people and characters here at Altered Image.  If you don't have a specific character in mind, don't worry, there are options to match almost every theme, style, length or colour.

So the next time you are invited to a fancy dress party, remember that no look is complete without the perfect matching wig to go with it. They are fun and affordable so buy one and become the character of your dreams!

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