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Altered Image Who’s That Girl? 80s Fancy Dress that Gets You Noticed

Make it like Madonna in 80s fancy dress that is as authentic as it is inspirational. From garish getup to wacky wigs; you can go retro with stand-out style for any costume party

The classic costume party has always been about standing out from the crowd. Wowing your friends and impressing your co-workers with 80s fancy dress can bring kudos from all your compadres. The groovy getup of the eighties fancy dress party has gone from being blah blah to ga ga in recent years as more and more people seek to replicate that retro charm. With celebrities and style icons falling over themselves to revive these vintage fashion crimes; 80s themed parties have become more popular than ever.

Statement Style with 80s Fancy Dress Outfits

Eighties fancy dress is all about using shock tactics. From retro ra-ra skirts to electric leg warmers and shell suits; you could don a wacky wig and people will know which era you are trying to recreate. There is no need to root around in the depths of your wardrobe for embarrassingly hideous acid-wash pair of jeans you were still wearing only 5 years ago. The true costume party enthusiast knows they need to make an instant impact upon arrival with statement items of 80s fancy dress. Whether you are trying to relive those Madonna moments with uber-glam gear or looking for an eye-popping outfit; you can find statement party wear that is instantly recognisable as classic celebrity fashion. From fishnet gloves and cone bras to neon punk fluorescents; 80s fancy dress is remarkably easy to recreate.

Revive Your Favourite 80s Trend

Good costume parties are enjoyable because they bring variety and entertainment. 80s costumes are a popular choice as they allow people to draw on a multitude of trends that existed at the time. From new wave neon to punk and power dressing; there are a plethora of statement styles to recreate in your own way.

If you are looking for 80s fancy dress to make an impact at your next party, shop online today with Altered Image Fancy Dress. You can find an extensive collection of garishly good getup, fancy dress outfits, wigs and accessories to stand out at your next doo. Call on 0843 289 7109 for more information.

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