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Altered Image Accessorising to Excess with 80s Fancy Dress

Express your creativity with larger-than-life accessories that add the finishing touch to any 80s fancy dress outfit

80s fashion had much to do with statement style and what stands out more on an outfit than bright, bold and daringly different accessories? In an era of loud fashion and freedom of expression; the glamorous getup is what many people remember from their own time in the 80s. From jelly shoes to bangles and hoops; outlandish retro accessories once only seen at 80s fancy dress parties are now part of mainstream trends. This 80s revival has rekindled the countryís love affair with 80s fashion and as such, 80s themed parties are more popular than ever.

Express Yourself Donít Repress Yourself in 80s Fancy Dress

80s fashion has always been the epitome of self-expression and as a result, 80s fancy dress parties are often another excuse to experiment with all sorts of fashion faux-pas. 80s fancy dress accessories are the perfect way to share your show stopping style with loud prints, neon vibes and punk getup that lets your individuality shine through

80s Fancy Dress Accessories for Statement Style

Everyone knows that accessories make the finishing touch to any eighties fancy dress outfit. With so many trends to choose from; 80s fancy dress accessories are hardly few and far between

Lace Gloves

Don those Madonna lace gloves and find out what itís like to be a material girl at the height of her career.

Huge Earrings

Madonna inspired a generation of women to over-accessorise with every bit of jewellery they owned. Whatever 80s fancy dress trend you are intending to follow, large statement earrings are a staple for any outfit

Leg Warmers

Everybody remembers the movie Fame and the vibrant leg-warmer craze it sparked. Neon accessories, visors and spandex bodysuits became immortalised as a fashion trend which is still popular at eighties themed parties today.

Studs and Spikes

Punk it up with spiky wristbands and studded accessories that make your punk outfit authentic.

If you are looking for 80s fancy dress accessories to add the finishing touch to your retro getup, shop online with Altered Image Fancy Dress. You can find a huge range of 80s fancy dress outfits, wigs and accessories for bona fide retro costumes. Call on 0843 289 7109 for more information.

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