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80s Fancy Dress – Baby, Remember My Name, Fame!

Fans of the TV program Fame will remember the huge fad for lurid-coloured leg warmers, and vivid hair bands, the performing arts drama caused. 80s fancy dress parties based on the costumes are all the rage

The theatrical TV series called ‘Fame’ was based on student life at the famous High School of Music & Performing Arts in New York, and followed their daily life and struggles, to become stars in their chosen show business careers. There were trainee dancers, singers, musicians, comedians and actors, all aspiring to be the successful artists, who get their big break, with a role on Broadway, or to join a dance company and tour the world. But one of the main memories of that decade, were the clothes they wore, that are now all the rage at 80s fancy dress parties. The characters from Fame were easily recognisable due to the colourful outfits, and unforgettable 70s fancy dress costume styles

Make a Song & Dance of It – 80s Fancy Dress Fever

Shiny, Lycra leotards, combined with fluffy, cross-over cardigans, black mesh vests, and ballet slippers, became the new fad, as Fame fever swept through the country. Everyone loved the tales each episode told about the adventures, performances and individual struggles that the characters went through to achieve their dreams. It was a brilliant concept at the time but which can now make folk cringe when they remember how much they idolized the kids from Fame, and copied the way they dressed. Now, the clothes normally only reappear at 1980s fancy dress parties. So if you want to dress up in a 80s fancy dress outfit like a pop star then don’t forget the legwarmers!

Ra Ra Skirts & Leg Warmers Revival – “Acceptable in the Eighties”

Leg warmers created a fashion craze all of their own. Despite being seen in their functional mode which was to keep the muscles in the legs of dancers and exercisers warm, leg warmers quickly became an everyday sight, even in schools. Their slight oddness was only matched by the elaborate looking Ra Ra skirt. These fun and vibrant skirts were usually worn above the knees, and consisted of rows of gathered fabric, layered over each other, to create a feather-like ruffle. By the middle of the eighties, teenagers began to realise that wearing leg warmers wrapped around their ankles, with short mini-skirts, wasn’t really a look that’d last. But it was for a time, acceptable in the eighties..

70s Fancy Dress - Decade of Decadence

Altered Image offer a fantastic collection of Ladies 70's Fancy Dress and Ladies 80's Fancy Dress costumes to choose from as well as, Men's 70's Fancy Dress  and Men's 80's Fancy Dress From mesh tops, and Madonna-style golden Basques, you’ll easily find the right outfit to dazzle your friends. And don’t forget to order your 70s fancy dress outfits in time for the coming party seasons! .

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