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70s & 80s Fancy Dress Flashback to Glorious Period in Fashion

70s & 80s fancy dress allows those that survived the decades to relive the period and take a humorous tongue in cheek review of their former selves.

A moment of honesty. Let’s face it, despite being supposedly “grown up”, there is nothing better than a fancy dress party. These parties are the ideal way to shed our inhibitions, adopt a temporary alter ego or flashback to a previous era – all mixed in with fun and laughter with friends.

70s & 80s fancy dress outfits are arguably some of the best. Again let’s be honest, the seventies and eighties weren’t renowned for their contribution to style and fashion, and 70s & 80s fancy dress allows us all to briefly recall some of our own fashion faux pas, safe in the knowledge that it is only temporary. Our British sense of humour allows us to poke fun at our clothing gaffes of years gone by, while having great fun

70s & 80s Fancy Dress – Remembering Fashion Howlers

Think of the 70s and Disco is right up there. The open shirts, flares, medallions and gyrating pelvises are all very much ingrained in 70s fancy dress. For those looking for a more sedate route into fancy dress of the seventies, the Hippy outfits bring back all the love and flowers of the decade. The 1980s truly unleash the real howlers, a decade where fashion had no real influence to blame but is rife with neon skirts, post-punk variations, rock star attitude and for women the timeless Madonna look. 80s fancy dress for men takes on the themes of Top Gun, Michael Jackson, The Blues Brothers, Freddie Mercury and other iconic legends.

Not Just For Those Lived Through The Decades

Thanks to film classics like Austin Powers and Saturday Night Fever, 70s & 80s fancy dress is not limited to those that lived through the decades. Disco and Pimp Daddy outfits are regulars for men seeking a flashback to the decade. Women’s fancy dress often falls back on the classic jumpsuits, hot pants and ABBA regalia synonymous with the 1970s.

70s & 80s Fancy Dress One of the Most Popular Party Themes

70s & 80s themed parties are right up in the top rankings of adult party ideas. The popularity of these decades is timeless and in constant demand allowing party goers to poke fun at themselves whilst also offering huge amounts of entertainment.

Relive The Decades With 70s & 80s Fancy Dress

If you are looking for some of the grooviest 70s & 80s fancy dress shop online today with Altered Image Fancy Dress. You can find a huge array of fancy dress costumes, accessories, wigs and more to make your party one to remember and enjoy. Call on 0843 289 7109 for more information.

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